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UN-IN WU (胡婉妍)

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Research Outline      2015-01-28 13:18:32

1. Clinical epidemiology
2. Project lead experience managing multi-national project on global fungal epidemiology
3. Sound working knowledge on primary and acquired immunodeficiency leading to severe nontuberculous mycobacterial infections
4. Immunological techniques including advanced polychromatic flow cytometry; neutrophils, T cell and NK cell functional assays; multiplex cytokine/chemokine analysis using Bioplex platform and ELISAs. 
5. Cell/tissue culture techniques including work with primary human airway epithelial cells in an air-liquid interface (ALI) system.
6. Molecular biology techniques including isolation of DNA/RNA and real-time PCR. 
7. Standard microbiological techniques including isolation and analysis of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses.