WEN-MEI FU (符文美)

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teacher.ResearchOutline      2015-01-12 13:05:43

1] Neuroprotection: cortex neuronal culture, animal models using different compounds for the induction of different neurodegenerative diseases.

2] Behavioral models for the study of learning and memory: rotarod, water maze, passive and active avoidance.

3] Brain slice: for the study of neuronal plasticity, long-term potentiation.

4] Chung’s neuropathic model and formalin-induced pain: developing drugs for the treatment of pain.

5] Osteoblast and osteoclast cultures: for the study of bone metabolism and the development of drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis.

6] Induction of osteoporosis by sciatic nerve section or ovarictomy.