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  • Pediatric Pulmonology and Critical care (小兒胸腔與加護醫學科)
  • Pediatrics (小兒科/部)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授)
  • +886-2-2312-3456#71616

Research Outline      2014-11-12 17:03:20

Dr. Wang's  investiga¬tions are major in two fields:

(1). Congenital airway disease: he performed balloon dilatation and stent insertion in airway anomaly in children and is interested in the pathophysiology of congenital airway disease;

(2). Critical care in PICU: care of post operation, hemorrhagic cystitis, pneumonia, ARDS, sepsis and ECMO, he is experienced in both clinical and basic researches in this field;