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  • Clinical Neurophysiology、Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Neurology (神經科/部)
  • Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授)

Research Outline      2014-10-30 11:42:31

Dr. Chi-Chao Chao graduated from Department of Medicine, National Taiwan University. He received his neurological residency training in National Taiwan University Hospital. He got his PhD from Department of Clinical Medicine, National Taiwan University and received post-doctorial training at NINDS, National Institute of Heath, USA. Dr. Chao now serves as a Consultant Neurologist at National Taiwan University Hospital. Dr. Chao’s main clinical and academic interest is to study peripheral nerve disorders focusing on small-fiber neuropathy and neuropathic pain. Over the past years, he has studied different kinds of neuropathy such as diabetic neuropathy, familial amyloid polyneuropathy, uremic neuropathy, and toxic neuropathy by demonstrating the pathology of small-fiber sensory and sudomotor nerves on skin biopsy. In recent years, he has set up the recordings and analysis of contact heat evoked potentials (CHEP) in the brain by applying a specially designed contact heat stimulator. CHEP now has become a technique allowing objective investigation about the physiology of thermonociceptive pathway mediated by small-fiber nerves. In a recent advance, he also applied transcranial magnetic stimulation to investigate the interaction between the motor and sensory pathway. His long-term goals are to investigate neuropathy and neuropathic pain with multidisciplinary approaches and then translate the observations to clinical practice for better patient care.