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Research Outline      2014-10-21 15:25:28

My research interests focus on pediatric nephrology ranging from basic renal pathophysiology to clinical management of pediatric renal diseases. To explain the nephromegaly accidentally found in children with biliary atresia or severe hepatitis, we have found a relationship between nephromegaly and HGF/TGF-β1 ratio as the evidence and mechanism. We also found this phenomenom occurring in rat with postnephrectomy compensatory renal hypertrophy and in children with Kawasaki disease other than hepatobiliary diseases. As a pediatric nephrologist, my research field centers from basic to clinical studies in recent years, mostly on acute lobar nephronia (ALN). We have improved the diagnosis method of ALN, determined the antibiotic treatment duration, found the role of specific E coli [papGII gene(+)] to ALN and the role of ALN between acute pyelonephritis and renal abscess, and also found a much higher incidence of renal scarring in ALN. All these findings highlight the importance of this disease entity in childhood urinary tract infections.