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Research Outline      2014-10-02 00:01:58

Our research recently focuses on the followings

  1. Human papillomavirus (HPV) role in cervical cancer. NRIP was found a HPV-16 E2 binding protein and acts as a scaffold to recruit E2 and calcium/calmodulin to prevent polyubiquitination and degradation of E2 to enhance E2 stability. We also characterized that NRIP is a transcription cofactor of glucocorticoid receptor (GR), and enhances GR-regulated HPV-16 gene expression via NRIP-E2-GR complex formation. The phosphorylation of E2 via NRIP is in investigation.

  2. NRIP (Nuclear Receptor Transcription Factor), NRIP is an androgen receptor (AR) interaction protein and has functions for AR protein stability. We generated NRIP knock out mice, and are investigating NRIP role in prostate development and cancer. Additionally, NRIP is a calcium-dependent calmodulin binding protein and activates calcineurin phosphatas. Calcineurin plays an important role in muscle development. Now we are investigating the mechanisms of NRIP-involved in muscle strength, and heart functions via NRIP KO mice.

  3. BCAS2 (Breast Carcinoma Amplified Sequence 2), is a novel negative regulator of p53. We are examining the regulation mechanisms of BCAS2 to p53 and the role of BCAS2 in carcinogenesis. Additionally, we are using Drosophila melanogaster and conditional knock out mice as animal models to study BCAS2 role in development and RNA splicing functions.