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  • Maternity Nursing, Women Health (產科護理學; 婦女健康)
  • Nursing (護理學系所)
  • Assistant Professor (助理教授)
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Research Outline      2016-06-21 16:20:10

Dr. Chang devotes herself on women health research, including discomfort symptom (i.e., low back pain, pelvic girdle pain) among pregnant women and burnout and turnover in nurses.  In clinical, Dr. Chang is also an IBCLC (International Board Certificated Lactation Consultant), who can provide professional lactation consult for breastfeeding women.  In the pregnancy-related studies, she has found several important factors on women's low back pain, such as pain catastrophizing and depression. The future research will keep focusing on women's low back pain and extend to the relationship between migraine and important psychological factors among women.