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SJ Tseng (曾士傑)

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  • Oncology (腫瘤醫學研究所)
  • Oncology (腫瘤醫學研究所)
  • Project Assistant Professor (專案助理教授)
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Research Outline      2016-12-19 11:47:44

I have a background in polymer which has evolved into fields of nanotechnology and pharmaceutical science. This has been motivated by applying physical-chemistry concepts and characterization tools to areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. Exposure of my work has been given by other community duties include Peer-Reviewer for “Drug Design, Development and Therapy” and “International Journal of Nanomedicine” (reviewed 25 submissions). My research has been highly multidisciplinary and incorporated strong collaborations for which I have greatly enjoyed the cultural exchange as well as exposure to exceptional research.