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  • Biomaterials and Biological Chemistry (仿生材料與生物化學)
  • Chemistry (化學系)
  • Professor (教授)
  • +886-2-3366-2994

Research Outline      2015-12-30 14:27:30

Currently, we have two major research projects ongoing. The first one concerns the structural elucidation of protein aggregates. We attempt to combine molecular dynamics simulations and solid-state NMR (SSNMR) spectroscopy to study the structures of oligomeric aggregates formed by beta-amyloid peptides, hoping to unravel the underlying aggregation pathway. The second project focuses on the molecular mechanism of biomineralization This interdisciplinary study requires expertise in SSNMR spectroscopy, sol-gel chemistry, biophysics and material science. The motivation is to understand in detail the mineralization process in organisms so that materials with novel structure and properties could be developed.