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Each year, our urologists perform over 4,000 surgeries and procedures for a variety of urologic problems. These minimally invasive surgical procedures produce excellent results, and patients often have shorter hospital stays, less discomfort and bleeding, and a shorter recovery period.

Under the direction of Hong-Jeng Yu, M.D., chair of the department, our physicians and researchers work side by side in the quest for the etiology of voiding dysfunction in aging patients with medical co-morbidities, such as DM, metabolic syndrome, and autoimmune disease. Our oncology team investigates the causes of prostate and urinary bladder cancer and developing preventive methods, treatments and cures for various urological diseases and disorders.

Several out-standing research projects in our department were sponsored by National Science Council of Taiwan in 2009, include:

  • A study for the possible mechanism and therapeutic strategy for melamine-induced urolithiasis. (NSC 98-2134-B-002-079-MY3)
  • Regulation endoplasmic reticulum stress mechanism—exploring novel biomarker and treatment modalities in human urothelial carcinoma (NSC 98-2314-B-002-056-MY3)
  • Exploring gemcitabine chemoresistance mechanism in urothelial cancer cells. (NSC 98-2134-B-002-007-MY3)