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Building and Planning

NTU Graduate Institute of Building and Planning was established in 1988. Formerly it was the Studio of Urban Planning founded in 1975 under the Graduate Institute of Civil Engineering, headed by Prof. Shen-Tao Mao who had thence bestowed the spiritual name“Legend of the Mountain”to the Institute. The objectives of our Master program are to integrate various disciplines associated with spatial-social studies and to train “professional generalists” who are able to engage in practice. Ph.D. students are required to take on independent researches and to obtain professional teaching capability. The Institute encourages international, interschool, and interdisciplinary cooperation and communication. Therefore, we offer international studios and practicum to cultivate cross-disciplinary and cross-boundary learning in order to cope with real issues such as globalization, conservation, and community building as well as the social practice of planning and design. Future research approaches of the Institute will deepen the on-going discourses and studies of livable city, sustainable planning and building, cultural landscapes, ecological design and planning, regional development and strategy, low-carbon urban planning, human-environment relations, gender and space, settlement preservation, architectural theories, cultural creative industry, etc. to facilitate the Institute as a critical node of global academic researches and spatial practices.