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Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering at NTU was established in 1943. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in civil engineering, as well as research opportunities for the society and the nation. It is recognized as the largest and leader among all of the civil engineering departments in the nation.
Department teaching and research activities can be categorized into six major areas, namely, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, hydraulic engineering, transportation engineering, computeraided engineering, and construction management, plus surveying. The Department also collaborates in many areas with the Institute of Environmental Engineering, Institute of Applied Mechanics, and Institute of Building and Planning, sharing with these institutes several of its faculty members. The Department of Civil Engineering works closely with other research organizations on major research projects. These organizations include the Hydraulic Research Laboratory, NTU Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, National Center for High Performance Computing, the Taiwan Construction Research Institute, etc. Many major constructions in this country were based on the research results carried out jointly by this Department and the aforementioned organizations.
At the undergraduate level, the Department focuses on a sound grounding in the fundamentals of civil engineering, while the Graduate Institute emphasizes research in various areas of engineering expertise. The undergraduate courses cover a large range of theoretical, practical and experimental issues. First, second, and third year students mainly need to take required courses so that they can have a good grounding in engineering fundamentals, for future development in various areas of engineering as well as in other related subjects. Students in their senior year mainly enroll in elective courses, which allow them to focus on specific professional subjects. According to their interests, students can also choose to do a double-major, taking certain subjects as minors, or to engage in the cross-disciplinary courses offered by the Department.
The Department trains M.S. and Ph.D. Students to become research professionals and senior engineers. The Masters program is a two-year program and the courses offered are designed to be both professional and practical. Students can choose a research direction based on their personal interests. The Doctorate program can be completed between two to four years. The prerequisite and elective courses of by the Department are adjusted every year according to evolving educational goals, social needs, and emerging global trends.