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The ongoing research areas in the Department of Geosciences include traditional geology (mineralogy, petrology, tectonics, structural geology, and geologic resources), geophysics, geochemistry, geo-hazard (landslide, debris flow, volcanic activity, earthquake, etc.), and environmental geology. It has also been growing over the years to incorporate the newly developed research areas intending to better understand global changes in the environment, climate, and natural resources.
We have over twenty laboratories housing advanced research equipment supporting the ongoing researches. These laboratories and facilities include the only accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) for radiocarbon dating in Taiwan, two mass spectrometers for Ar-Ar dating, X-ray (single-crystal, powder diffraction, fluorescence, etc.), fission track dating, thermoluminescence dating, electron microprobe analyzer, scanning electron microscope, ICP atomic emission spectrometer and mass spectrometer, mass spectrometer for stable isotope analysis and noble gas analysis, petrology lab, optical mineralogy lab, rock-analysis lab, etc.
Our goal is focusing on becoming an international level institute of geosciences education and researches. To achieve the goal, we will keep improving on basic teaching facility and environment, promoting teaching quality and student ability, continuing the cooperation and communication with world’s famous experts and institutes, encouraging faculty and students publishing their research results and attending international conferences. In addition, multi-disciplinary and highly focused research topics will be the general trend and guideline of our future development.