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The aim of this institute covers both education and research, the former is to nurture competent and creative scholars in drug research and development and the latter is to explore new drugs in the preclinical stage, including new chemical entities, new formulation and new indications. To achieve such goals, the institute is classified into three fields, i.e. drug discovery, pharmaceutical technology and molecular pharmaceutics. Among these, drug discovery covers medicinal chemistry (drug design and synthesis, virtual screening), and natural products chemistry (isolation and analysis, metabolomics).

Pharmaceutical technology mainly deals with drug delivery (small molecules and biopharmaceuticals) and pharmacokinetics. Molecular pharmaceutics carries out the research related to drug screening both in vitro and in vivo, action mechanism, bioinformatics, and pharmacogenomics. Current research topics are disease oriented, focusing on the drug development against cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, virus, and diabetics. Our institute is equipped with modern and powerful instruments, including HPLCSPE-NMR (600 MHz, cryo probe), HPLC-microTOF MS (high resolution), parallel microwave synthesizer, software for bioinformatics, DSC, SFC, CPC, GC, and UPLC-MS, etc.