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Orthopedic Surgery

The Department of Orthopedics is comprised of talented faculty and adequate facilities.

The teaching covers a broad spectrum, including both basic and clinical medicine.

The clinical features include musculoskeletal physiology, pathology, clinical diagnosis, fundamental orthopedic management, preoperative scheme and postoperative care. The basic features include orthopedic biomaterials, bone metabolism and inflammation, implant design, biomechanics, and spine research.

Evidence-based medicine is the core of these subjects. The education aims at humanism, emphasizing comprehensive medical care, sound physician-patient relationship, appropriate attitude of practice, and the ultimate respect to have life. The teaching adopts a problem-oriented technique, concentrating on the training of logical inference, and the ability to apply abstractive theories realizing the improvement of human health.

In recent years, the major achievements in research have been listed in several fields. In the field of tissue engineering, Professor Ching-Chuan Jiang innovated a new approach to cartilage tissue engineering. Professor Jiang collaborated the study group with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and established the model of biphasic matrix cartilage tissue engineering. This technique has entered clinical trial, and was transferred to the Exactech Company in March 2008. Professor Hua-Chang Liu also denoted cartilage tissue engineering markely. His results also entered the final stage of clinical trial. Professor Rong-Sen Yang emphasized the regulatory role of endocrine factors and inflammatory factors in bone cancer, bone tissue metabolism and joint inflammation. Professor Yang also developed and innovated the design of joint prosthesis. Professor Jinn Lin has a great achievement in implant design and biomechanical study. He is a famous doctor in the treatment of humerus fractures and has developed a very good implant to treat them. Several doctors put their energy and interests in biomaterial research. Their papers were published in every acclaimed journals such as Biomaterials.