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Medical Genetics

The Department of Medical Genetics offers services for genetic diseases and inborn errors of metabolism for the testing, diagnosis, counseling, treatment, and prenatal diagnosis. Our purpose is to decrease the impact of the diseases to both the patients and their relatives, and to prevent the recurrence of the disease. For specific question, please contact with our Genetic Counselor.
一、Division of Clinical Genetics:
1.Genetic counseling group:
(1)Clinic for genetic counseling.
(2)Clinic for genetic diseases.
2.Clinical Genetics:
(1)Neonatal Screening Laboratory.
(2)Biochemical Genetics Laboratory.
3.Molecular Diagnostics laboratory :
(1)Paternity Test.
(2)Cytogenetics laboratory.
(3)Molecular Genetic DiagnosisLaboratory:
a.Cancer genetics Test.
b.Pharmacogenomics Test.
二、Division of Gene Medicine:
1.Basic research for genomic medicine.
2.Basic research for gene therapy.

3.Other basic researched.