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Department of Neurology and Psychiatry was established in National Taiwan University Hospital in 1947. Our department was divided from Department of Neurology and Psychiatry in 1980s. The department is composed of 3 divisions—division of general neurology and cerebrovascular disease, division of neuromuscular disorder and division of diagnostic neurophysiology. There are 4 professors, 2 associate professors and one assistant professor and totally 16 dedicated clinical stuffs.

The specialties of our stuffs cover almost every major division of neurology. The scope of researches in the department is broad and extensive. We have focused on the genetics, epidemiology, diagnosis and clinical manifestation of Parkinson’s disease and established genotype-phenotype correlation in early-onset recessive parkinsonism of Taiwanese patients.

Studying animal model and performing deep brain stimulation of parkinson’s disease, we also explored the therapeutic aspects of these intractable disease. Pioneering in using skin biopsy to study peripheral neuropathy, we have make progress in small-fiber and vasculitic neuropathy. From patients to model animals, our stuffs try to characterize various type of dementia with their clinical aspects and neuroradiological manifestations. Focusing on ultrasonography, we have extended its usage in diagnosing and following vascular disease.

Our investigation of animal model of normal tension hydrocephalus and spinal muscular atrophy has contributed substantially to the understanding of pathophysiology and exploring the potential treatment. The mechanism of some anticonvusants could be implicated in our studies in membrane biophysics. Currently, we are also conducting several international clinical trials, hoping to narrow the gap between the bench and clinical practice.