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The Department of Microbiology at NTU Medical School has, since its origin in 1947, been exceptionally active and well-organized in education and in research. By means of the NTU hospital next to medical school, the department of Microbiology can invite lots of researchers associated with clinical medicine to investigate the academic fields and share the scientific resources.

There are many academic institutes, such as the Centers for Disease Controls, Academia Sinica and Department of health, adjacent to the Department of Microbiology. This multidisciplinary environment provides students having enterprising spirit opportunities to obtain abundant knowledge about Microbiology and its related field.

Even though your backgrounds are different or insufficient in this field, we provide the platform of the various Microbiology courses, such as introduction of microbiology, advanced microbiology, molecular biology, etc. In addition, many of the labs in our department offer opportunities to understand a particular aspect of bacteria, virus, cancer, immunology, gene therapy by utilizing logic thought and advanced scientific techniques, and these skills will be tremendously valuable as a student pursues a goal of becoming a research scientist.

Major Research Fields

  1. Study the pathogenesis mechanisms in microbes and diseases.
  2. Study the relationship between microbiology and oncology, such as Hepatitis virus, Papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr virus and Helicobacter pylori induced human cancers.
  3. Study the mechanisms of cancer carcinogenesis and development in anticancer drug.
  4. Study the Emerging infectious disease in Flu and SARS.
  5. Study the host factors involved in DNA repair, gene regulations, cell cycle regulation and genomic stability etc.