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Medical Genomics and Proteomics

The Graduate Institute of Clinical Genomics was established in 2008 and started to recruit students in 2009. It is definitely different from the other clinical departments or basic medical sciences departments in the Medicine College, NTU since we aim for cultivating the future professionals in integrated crossdisciplined research in clinical genomics.

We develop the customized course curriculum and training for our Ph.D. students who might come from different backgrounds so as to promote them to be well trained in applications, research and development of clinical genomics.

Academic Research

To conduct the clinical genomics researches that focus on translational medical studies. We aim for the researches and developments of monogenic diseases and common complex diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancers.

  1. Genomics
    • focusing on researches in SNPs, Microarray, Pharma-cogenetics, etc.

  2. Proteomics
    • focusing on researches in Biomarker

  3. Bioinformatics & Systems biology
    • focusing on researches in genomics, proteomics, etc.

  4. Nature, nutrition and human disease
    • focusing on researches in the relationships among gene, environment and human disease.

  5. Clinical Biostatistics
    • focusing on researches in the experimental results of clinical data, genomics and proteomics.

  6. Clinical data & specimen bank
    • focusing on:
      1. Constructing the clinical process database of patients receiving standard treatment.
      2. Constructing the specimen database of collecting DNA, RNA, protein and serum.