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Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory medicine is indispensable in modern medical science. Laboratory medicine can present scientific data to verify or rule out a certain diagnosis, guide and monitor medical treatment. And evaluate the severity and prognosis of the disease. It is also valuable in mass screening and discovering the risk factors for early detection and treatment.

The Department of Laboratory Medicine consists of the Divisions of Biochemistry, Hematology, Serology, Microbiology, Virology, Transfusion Medicine, Stat Lab, Clinical Microscopy, Clinical Cytology, Molecular Diagnosis, Electrocardiography, and Quality Management. We are establishing a molecular laboratory with the aim to applying bioinformatics on data analysis, developing flow cytometry, promoting studies on enzyme analysis of RBC diseases and the stem cell system, correlating the relationship between HLA system and disease, and promoting researches on the pathogenesis of microbial-pathogens.

  1. Clinical and molecular study of Lung cancer and tuberculosis
  2. Clinical and molecular study of protein electrophoresis
  3. Platelet antibody study in transfusion medicine
  4. Study of platelet microparticle and its clinical application
  5. Epidemiological study of common drug resistant bacterial strains of community- and hospital- acquired infection; integrated inter-hospital study of bacteria drug resistance
  6. Effects of environmental toxins on endocrine system, especially on bone and insulin islets; Study of mutations in congenital calcium metabolic disorder
  7. Study on genetic mutations in leukemia, especially on NPM1 mutation, for the understanding of their epidemiology and molecular basis; their applications in minimal residual disease detection
  8. MicroRNA and leukernogenesis,Minimal residual disease detection in leukemia ,prognostic factors in leukemia
  9. Renin-Angiotensin System Gene Polymorphism and Hypertension, CAD and Atrial Fibrillation; Angiotensin II Regulation of L-type Calcium channel in Atrial Cell