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Geriatrics and Gerontology

Goal of clinical services

We provides "elderly centered" integrated clinical services according to the condition of disease, disability level, family or community resources, potential to recovery and personal preferences of older persons. Our focus is to make the elderly receiving comprehensive and continuity medical services.

Clinical Services

1. Health promotion and preventive health care
2. Integrated geriatric medicine clinic
3. Acute care
4. Consultation
5. Long-term care

Health promotion and preventive health care

1. Organize health talks
2. Line with the government health policy to organize preventive care delivery and elderly health check-up in Taipei

3. Follow up the elderly who had abnormal screening result, and providing health education and medical advise according to individual medical conditions
4. Avoid the complications occurred on the elderly in acute wards, long-term care facilities or home care.

Integrated geriatric medicine clinic
comprehensive geriatric assessment in the clinic
-- Prevention, diagnosis and treatment for common diseases of the elderly
-- Physical, psychological, social and functional assessment
-- Manage geriatric syndrome
-- Consultation and referral to long-term care facilities
-- Set up special out-patient clinic for common disease in the elderly or geriatric syndrome (ex: osteoporosis, dementia, depression, urinary incontinence)

Acute care
1. Clients: Acute illness elderly with multiple health problems
2. Services: Provide a safe and supportive environment to
-- Reduce the incidence of iatrogenic disease
-- Provide multidisciplinary medical care according to the individual needs
of the elderly
3. Medical team members: physicians, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, language therapists, dietitians, pharmacists


Provide recommendation in medical management for the elderly admitted to other departments

-- Pre- and post-op assessment and recommendation for the elderly

-- Consultation for the disabled elderly transferred to long-term care

-- Management and prevention of common geriatric syndromes

Through the process of consultation, the geriatrician in the department of geriatrics could communicate with medical staff in other departments, to increase knowledge and experience in caring the elderly

Long-Term Care

Institutional care - nursing home


-- Physical and psychological disabled, high daily activity dependence, lack of family care resource.

Elderly cannot be cared in the community and at home, but needs technical nursing care services (ex: foley catheters, nasogastric tube and trachea tube replacement, wound dressing)

-- Content of service: Medical, nursing, rehabilitation, personal, accommodation and daily life of care

Community-based care - home care

-- Community nurse provide home visit to bed-ridden or mobility disabled in older patients as home visits,

to assess the problem encountered by the elderly

-- Doctors, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and other professionals provide the necessary intervention of professional services according to the needs of the elderly, and use the availability social and medical resources to help.