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Oral Biology

The Graduate Institute of Oral Biology has 7 faculty members.

The major research topics of Professor Chun-Pin Chiang are topical photodynamic treatment for oral precancers and early oral cancers.

The research of Associated Professor Kuo-Long Lou has been recently focused on the studies of structure and functional regulations of biomembranes and membrane proteins as well as the development of software for virtual drug screening and structural studies.

The research scope of Associate Professor Bor-Shiunn Lee focuses on material development, including interaction between laser and hard tissues, analysis and strength measurement of materials, crystalline structure of teeth, development of bone composite material, and development of dental membrane material.

The research scope of Assistant Professor Bei-En Chang focuses on developmental biology, including craniofacial, tooth, and bone development using transgenic approaches. Zebrafish and mouse, the major two vertebrate model animals, are employed in his studies.

The research interests of Assistant Professor Han-Yi E. Chou include biomedical application of nanomaterials and their interaction with oral cells as well as stress induced responses and their role in oral carcinogenesis.

The research topics of Assistant Professor Hsin-Ming Chen include clinical application and mechanism research of photodynamic therapy for oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer as well as studies on pathogenesis and treatment of oral submucous fibrosis.

The research interests of Assistant Professor Cheng-Chi Chang include epigenetic modification and mechanisms of metastasis in oral cancer, maintenance and identification of oral cancer stem cells/niche environment, and development of new small anti-angiogenesis protein drugs.