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Forensic Medicine

The main goal of our institute in forensic pathology is to teach the students how to handle different kinds of victims and how to write the cause of death and manner of death in death certificates. So our research in forensic pathology is also focused on the mechanism of the death process.

Now our topics are mainly in the search in causative agents of the myocarditis, conducting system study in sudden cardiac death and tool mark study in different victims of homicide… etc. In order to avoid unnecessary infection during autopsy, we also try to research the sensitivity of commercialized HBV, HCV and HIV antibodies. The results will provide us a screening test before autopsy in the future (safety autopsy).

Forensic Biology

DNA evidence is believed one of the most probative evidence other than fingerprints. Forensic DNA profiling on individual identification, relationship testing, disaster victim identification and species identification of biological evidence are major interests in this Department. Population studies of new STR and Y-STR markers on populations living in Taiwan are performed for a reliable forensic statistics.

Sequence data of mtDNA D-loop of populations in Taiwan was established as well to increase the discriminating power on relationship testing. Forensic DNA data analysis system was developed to screen unidentified remains in mass disaster victim identification. Methods of species identification on microbe, plant and animal of biological evidence are developing. Many of them are used in forensic labs. Trace evidences of pollen, hair, fiber and diatom are screened in this lab. Diatom identification is one of our methods to assist the investigation of drowning.