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The NTU School of Dentistry of the College of Medicine was the former dental unit of the Taipei Imperial Universityaffiliated hospital founded by the Japanese. After World War II, Taipei Imperial University was converted to National Taiwan University (NTU), and its affiliated hospital subsequently became National Taiwan University Hospital.

At the time, the dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Tsung-Ming Tu, took the advice from an American consultant, Dr. Brown, and initiated the establishment of the School of Dentistry as well as the School of Pharmacy. In 1953, with Dr. Huo-Yao Wei as the dean, the NTU School of Dentistry was formally founded as a university-based dental school, and it began admitting students in 1955. The first chairman of the School of Dentistry was Dr. Shui Kuo, who also served as the professor of dental science in the medical college. In 1988, the Graduate Institute of Clinical Dentistry was established.

Shortly after, in 1991, a PhD course was added to the original master’s course. In 1996, the dental school received authorization to commence graduate courses in oral biology.

In 2005, the school celebrated its 50th birthday, and during these 50 years, our teaching quality, dental services, and research in dental science have achieved a marked progress. We are grateful that our predecessors have provided us with a solid background and we are ready to meet any future challenges with confidence.

Clinical Research

Aspects of clinical research include the establishment and development of dental technology laboratories that correspond with the latest trend of advancing treatment techniques and apparatuses, as well as cell biology research laboratories that provide regeneration and tissue engineering procedures. Furthermore, we also collaborate with other departments to combine fundamental knowledge with clinical practice, essentially developing biomaterials beneficial for clinical use.