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Clinical Medicine

The Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine (the Institute) came into being in 1960-70. It achieved full department status in 1978 and is now the largest supplier of postgraduate clinical medicine teaching at the National Taiwan University, as well as having a thriving postgraduate community, with nearly 110 students and 80 students registered on PhD degree and Master degree, respectively.

The Institute was founded by Professor Juei-Low Sung and other teaching faculties. Its research and teaching span the full breadth of the medical sciences. The aim of the Institute is to train clinical doctors with advanced medical skills both in research and clinical fields.

The students of the Institute are expected to gain the independence of thought and develop the research work along their own lines. In addition, the students need to be open minded in order to analyze and explore significant medical issues with a view to be a future leader in the biomedicine profession, not only in Taiwan but also in the world. As of August 2012, there are 230 MD/ PhD and 233 M.M.S graduated from the Institute.