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Medical Device and Imaging

Center for Optoelectronic Biomedicine (COEBM) is the first center dedicated to the enhancement of optoelectronic biomedicine in this country. For the establishment of this center, the Ministry of Education offers the faculties and facilities and the National Science Council sponsors the research programs.

Except for conducting researches, the primary responsibility of this center is to educate and promote optoelectronic biomedicine. Furthermore, this center also involves in the evaluation, refinement and development of medical laser systems. The training of the next generations of medical scientists who are familiar to the optoelectronic biomedicine in Taiwan is an important goal of this center. To fulfill this goal, education and training programs are also organized to coordinate, integrate, and support optoelectronic biomedicine.

Presently, the COEBM has focused on the following research topics:

  • To investigate multidrug resistance of cancer cells and microbacteria, and evaluate the effect of photodynamic therapy for the treatment of multidrug resistance cells. (Prof. Jui-Chang Tsai)
  • To investigate and develop photodynamic medicine for the management of neoplasia lesions (Prof. Chin-Tin Chen)
  • Wireless implanted biosensors; Nanoscopic manipulations, measurements and diagnosis, wireless implanted biochips; Nanomechanics (Prof. Shiming Lin)
  • To develop and validate novel MRI techniques in neuroimaging, cardiovascular MR and cancer imaging, and in applying these techniques to patients to define their clinical values. (Prof. Wen-YihTseng)