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Anatomy and Cell Biology

The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology follows a multidisciplinary direction and will continue to raise the level of research standards to match contemporary trends in biomedical sciences and needs in Taiwan.

The teaching staff includes 10 full-time and 6 part-time faculty members; facilities are provided for researches in the fields of anatomy, histology, neurobiology, cell biology and molecular biology.

Fields represented include: Morphology, Neurobiology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology.

Current research interests are as follows:

  1. Muscle cell biology, cell biochemistry
  2. Morphology researches of cardiovascular diseases and pathological mechanism of atherosclerosis and restenosis
  3. The cell biology of wound healing and the taste bud
  4. Cancer cell biology
  5. The cell biology of cell adhesion molecules
  6. The molecular and cell biology of nerve regeneration and neurotransmitter receptors
  7. The neurobiology of CNS and PNS injury
  8. Neuronal cytoskeletons: molecular and cellular studies and transgenic approach
  9. Mechanism of neuropathic pain and plasticity
  10. Neurobiology of peripheral nerve disorders: molecular genetics, pathology and mechanism.
  11. The protective effects and mechanism of pre/post-conditioning on reperfusion injury, the mechanisms of tumor invasiveness of gastrointestinal cancers.

Major equipment includes light microscopes, transmission and scanning electron microscopes, laser scanning confocal microscope, ultramircotomes, cryostats, ultra-centrifuges, and cryoultramicro-tome system. In addition, tissue culture labs and an image analysis system are available for cell biology research.