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  1. SHU-WEI CHANG (張書瑋)

    Civil Engineering (土木工程學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) 結構組
  2. SHI-CHUNG CHANG (張時中)

    Electrical Engineering (電機工程學系)-Professor (教授)

    Anthropology (人類學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  4. MEN-CHI CHANG (張孟基)

    Agronomy (農藝學系)-Associate Professor (副教授)
  5. CHIA-FENG CHANG (張嘉鳳)

    History (歷史學系)-Professor (教授)
  6. WEN-YUAN CHANG (張雯媛)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Instructor (講師)
  7. HUI-TING CHANG (張惠婷)

    Forestry and Resource Conservation (森林環境暨資源學系)-Professor (教授)
  8. LI-KWAN CHANG (張麗冠)

    Biochemical Science and Technology (生化科技學系)-Professor (教授)
  9. HUI-CHUAN CHANG (張惠娟)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Professor (教授)
  10. GEEN-DONG CHANG (張震東)

    Biochemical Sciences (生化科學研究所)-Professor (教授)
  11. TING-CHEN CHANG (張廷禎)

    Obstetrics and Gynecology (婦產科/部)-Adjunct Instructor (兼任講師) 婦科腫瘤
  12. MAU-SUN CHANG (張茂山)

    Biochemical Sciences (生化科學研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授)

    Civil Engineering (土木工程學系)-Professor (教授) 交通組
  14. ALISON H CHANG (張心怡)

    Physical Therapy (物理治療學系所)-Adjunct Associate Professor (兼任副教授)
  15. SHAO-KUANG CHANG (張紹光)

    Veterinary Medicine (獸醫學系)-Professor (教授)
  16. YU-MING CHANG (張玉明)

    Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (凝態科學研究中心)-Research Fellow (研究員)
  17. CHING-HUNG CHANG (張景宏)

    Finance (財務金融學系暨研究所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  18. ING-FENG CHANG (張英峯)

    Plant Biology (植物科學研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授)
  19. SHIN C. CHANG (張鑫)

    Microbiology (微生物學科所)-Professor (教授) Microbiology
  20. RUEY-LIN CHANG (張瑞林)

    History (歷史學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)