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  1. YUNG-CHIY CHANG (張永祺)

    Microbiology (微生物學科所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) Microbiology
  2. TING-CHEN CHANG (張廷禎)

    Obstetrics and Gynecology (婦產科/部)-Adjunct Instructor (兼任講師) 婦科腫瘤
  3. Chen Chang (張晨)

    General Education Section (共同教育組)-Instructor (講師)
  4. YAO-WEN CHANG (張耀文)

    Electronics Engineering (電子工程學研究所)-Distinguished Professor (特聘教授) 電子設計自動化
  5. YUMING CHANG (張育銘)

    Library (圖書館)-Teaching Assistant (助教)
  6. SHU-YING CHANG (張淑英)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Professor (教授) Office of International Affairs (國際事務處)-Vice President for International Affairs (國際事務長)
  7. HERNG-HUA CHANG (張恆華)

    Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering (工程科學及海洋工程學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  8. HSIU-HAO CHANG (張修豪)

    Pediatrics (小兒科/部)-Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授) 小兒血液腫瘤科
  9. LIANG-WEY CHANG (章良渭)

    Biomedical Engineering (醫學工程研究所)-Retired Faculty (退休教師) Biomedical Engineering; Rehabilitation Engineering
  10. CHIH-HAO CHANG (張志豪)

    Orthopedic Surgery (骨科/部)-Associate Professor (副教授) Orthopedic Surgery (骨科/部)-Attending Physician (主治醫師) 手足外科
  11. HAO-YUAN CHANG (張皓媛)

    Nursing (護理學系所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) 產科護理學; 婦女健康
  12. PAO-TI CHANG (張寶棣)

    Physics (物理學系)-Deputy Director (副主任) Physics (物理學系)-Professor (教授)
  13. YU-SEN CHANG (張育森)

    Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (園藝暨景觀學系)-Professor (教授) 園藝作物組
  14. LI-LI CHANG (張麗麗)

    Chinese Literature (中國文學系)-Professor (教授)
  15. HUI-CHUAN CHANG (張惠娟)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Professor (教授)
  16. YEUN-CHUNG CHANG (張允中)

    Radiology (放射線科)-Professor (教授) Radiology (放射線科)-Director (主任) Chest Imaging
  17. RUEY-FENG CHANG (張瑞峰)

    Computer Science and Information Engineering (資訊工程學系)-Professor (教授) Networking and Multimedia (資訊網路與多媒體研究所)-Joint Professor (合聘教授) Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics (生醫電子與資訊學研究所)-Joint Professor (合聘教授)
  18. PEN-HENG CHANG (張本恒)

    Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology (分子暨比較病理生物學研究所)-Retired Faculty (退休教師)
  19. SHU-CHENG CHANG (張樹城)

    Mathematics (數學系)-Professor (教授)

    Applied Mechanics (應用力學研究所)-Professor (教授)