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  1. CHIH-HAO CHANG (張志豪)

    Orthopedic Surgery (骨科/部)-Associate Professor (副教授) Orthopedic Surgery (骨科/部)-Attending Physician (主治醫師) 手足外科
  2. YUAN-HUEI CHANG (張顏暉)

    Physics (物理學系)-Chair/Head (系主任) Applied Physics (應用物理學研究所)-Director (所長) Astrophysics (天文物理研究所)-Director (所長) Physics (物理學系)-Professor (教授) 半導體物理實驗
  3. LIANG-WEY CHANG (章良渭)

    Biomedical Engineering (醫學工程研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授) Biomedical Engineering; Rehabilitation Engineering
  4. FI-JOHN CHANG (張斐章)

    Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering (生物環境系統工程學系)-Professor (教授)
  5. SU-CHING CHANG (張素卿)

    Chinese Literature (中國文學系)-Professor (教授)
  6. CHIA-FENG CHANG (張嘉鳳)

    History (歷史學系)-Professor (教授)
  7. MEI-HWEI CHANG (張美惠)

    Pediatrics (小兒科/部)-Professor (教授) 小兒腸胃科

    Applied Mechanics (應用力學研究所)-Professor (教授)

    Environmental Engineering (環境工程學研究所)-Professor (教授)
  10. SHANG-TZEN CHANG (張上鎮)

    Forestry and Resource Conservation (森林環境暨資源學系)-Distinguished Professor (特聘教授)
  11. LI-KWAN CHANG (張麗冠)

    Biochemical Science and Technology (生化科技學系)-Professor (教授)
  12. RAY-E CHANG (張睿詒)

    Health Policy and Management (健康政策與管理研究所)-Professor (教授) Public Health (公衛學系)-Deputy Director (副主任) Public Health (公衛學系)-Professor (教授) Health Care Financial Management (醫療機構財務管理)
  13. HSIU-HAO CHANG (張修豪)

    Pediatrics (小兒科/部)-Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授) 小兒血液腫瘤科
  14. Sandra Chang (張*珊)

    Library (圖書館)
  15. ING-FENG CHANG (張英峯)

    Plant Biology (植物科學研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授)
  16. ALISON H CHANG (張心怡)

    Physical Therapy (物理治療學系所)-Adjunct Associate Professor (兼任副教授)
  17. CHIA-HSUIN CHANG (張家勳)

    Internal Medicine (內科/部)-Clinical Associate Professor (臨床副教授) 一般內科
  18. HUNG-HAO CHANG (張宏浩)

    Agricultural Economics (農業經濟學系)-Professor (教授)
  19. CHIN-HWA CHANG (張錦華)

    Journalism (新聞研究所)-Professor (教授)
  20. PO-CHUN CHANG (張博鈞)

    Clinical Dentistry (臨床牙醫學研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授) 牙周病學